Saturday, October 4, 2008

Temporary Close

Hey there:
"Chez Moir" is temporary closed for the time being cause i have no time for this. Really sorry
Thank you guys for reading my blog all this while and if "Chez Moir" is planning to continue its operation as usual in future, will inform all of u individually through ur respective blogs.
See yas. keep in touch guys and Take k!
Best wishes:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bye Bye!

So many people leaving soon!....
Had a farewell for few of our frens last weekend...

My 5 years skolmate...Yit Tze..a.k.a Princess(she claim herself as one) leaving for UK for law

My sis..Yee Yoke...gonna leave soon for UK for law as well...
And also Wan Qian, back to UK for law....
The Form 5 committee at 2006....

The PBC people at Kim Gary...

Gonna miss u all...all da bez my frens..take k...

Best wishes from Corey.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just some random updates since i am not working (due to fever) and i am boring staying home...
CHS held a mid autumn festival last saturday night for all schoolmates and so we were there to show our support...

Jia Ming(1 year back he was still shorter than me and now....sobz sobz), Me and Cheng Chun...
This is Qian..she's back to Malaysia for holiday and there she is visiting CHS again...

Besides the CHS Mid Autumn thingy, we had another mid autumn celebration via birthday celebration with Yee Yoke at her house on friday..

The PBC gang...

sitting: ming shiu, xue ni(baby),siew mun, me and hui peng

standing: yee yoke the birthday gal

The PBC gang singing for yee yoke..

Me, Xue ni and my godmother...hehe..she is 2 yrs old di!

Yit Tze, Sew Cen, Me, Jia yan and Hui Peng...someone missing...JOLENE!

Last but not least, a pic with the bday gal. Yee Yoke!

Happy burfday!

Friday, September 5, 2008

ICAEW Buka Puasa Dinner

Once again, The ICAEW Malaysia had organised a dinner in conjunction with the Buka Puasa Season and also a warm welcome for the ICAEW President Mr David(met him on lift and manage to speak to him, a nice and humble man) ...
Venue: The Spread,Gardens Hotel

We love all these events mainly due to these benefits(haha):
1. Free Food
2. Free from work quite early(left office about 3pm)
3. Relaxing nite
4. Socializing around

Me and my super duper best fren Ms Kamini
My Std 2 classmate who revealed lotsa embarassing moments i had when i was in std 2, Jacklyn Beh
The(part of) BDO Binder people...
There a PwC inside...u spot one...haha

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

PJD Team

Today our very kind and generous manager bought a cake for everyone of us to celebrate everyones' birthday in one shot. Of course, its specially for our colleague Leaf whose birthday falls on 31 August ...

Gals(from left): Peng, Sook Tuan, Mei Fei, Phhoi Suan, Wai Yee(Mgr), Ju Ching and Cynthia
Gals(front row): Leaf and Zhi Xiu
Guys: Boon Aun, Jiun Haur, Me and Eddie....
After cake?!...BALIK RUMAH! Yohooo....

Sunday, August 31, 2008

We Finally MADE IT!

The 5P1 students finally managed to hold a gathering for Merdeka Eve.
Almost 20 turn up...yohoo!
Our schedule for the day:
1. Sakae Sushi for dinner
2.Money No Enough 2
3.Merdeka Countdown (count in cinema)
4. Murni for YUM CHA
5. Corey's house "lawatan sambil belajar"
6. Look out point for scenery and sun rise(fail to c :( )
7. Bak Kut Teh breakfast
8. Back home sleep the next day morning 10am
I'm not gonna comment on hows the food in Sakae, hows the movie in TGV nor hows the food in Murni.
Because i experienced all these with a bunch of Long Time No C frens which used to be my classmates, everything is just so perfect!
Table One of 5P1 in Sakae. They don't have a place for 20 people.
The 5P1 in cinema...
Steph, Yip(best buddy),May and Me in my room
We all at look out point(only 8 of us made it)...and guess what crazy things we've done?
We were,......listening to Ghost Stories by.....

......MayThe night scenery from look out point at 4.30 am.

Just wanna say that i had a memorable night with them.Felt really sorry that actually i neglected them when i was with them in my secondary school life due to some work commitments but that night when we were together, we felt so connected with each other.

We shared so many things about life among each other. Just everything which pops up our mind. The best thing is that our topic in Look Out Point was mainly on Human Phsycology and Ghost Stories. Lolz...

There are more photos to show but i choose not to cause i look really ugly that day. haha...

"Quoted by Kok Wai: Its still the best thing hanging out with secondary schoolmates. The feeling is so different. Perhaps its because 'we are a bunch of DAN CHUN people at that point of time'"....somehow in some way i agree.

It has been an enjoyable day and a memorable experience with you guys. Thanks so much! Take k all my Ex Classmates.


C.J.S.X represents the 4 of us: Corey, Jun Zian, Shu Ying and Li Xien
After all the failures for meeting up since dunno when, we finally had the chance to meet up at Li Xien's "home" ( cause MV is her second home)
At first, was really afraid that when i meet them, especially Xien, we'll have no topic to chat about but who knows we can just crap anything and everything on
Basically the plan for tt day was to eat and chat, movie and tour the whole MV@ Gardens. So we took a lot of pics that day. Enjoy the pics.
Proudly present: The C.J.S.X

My good buddy, Zian (future singer....oops)
My long time no see but yet so connected fren, Xien
This is Ying...She WANS a headshot so she did this
The Corey's ANGELS
C.J.S.X Cam Whoring

We even took pics when we were on the escalator...haha
This is so nice...artistic rite?! more to come....
Now at GARDENS....
In front of The LINDS...

Tried to Pose differently in front of PASAYA....

We're moving?!..Running....

Now at Signatures Gardens...
This scene has the CLUBBING feel...right after we had our drink in the bar and we turn around and took this pic...haha
Couple romantic feel...(but we feel awkward rite?) the sweet ones are about to come...
The COOL look of the "Prefect" of CHS......
The "We are a family look"
"Acting cute" look of the four of us

Romantic sweet sweet de is here!!!!!
Take 1
And Take 2And of course, since we're all in the cinema, we'll play with the posters..
Death race by Corey and Li xien

"Meet Corey"


Came to this fun shop and Xien got something to MASSAGE my head...

And we found a very nice place at the top floor....If i am not mistaken, its called the "Cocoon"

And basically thats all...When i took this picture, my manager is just right in front of me looking at me, paiseh...hehe
Oops...and this one....
We watched a movie name LaLingerie, a HK we decided to find some shop and HAVE FUN! ahaha

I can't beleive i did that. My frens were just standing at a side laughing out loudly...lolz...

Thats all for our outing and i really enjoyed a lot with you guys.

Love u all loads and hehe WE'll HAVE sommore plans to go!

Take k my fren and frenship foreva.